Asian Problems

a collection of problems often encountered by asian people

“Strict parents make sneaky children. And that’s why ninjas are Asian.”

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When we ran out of Pocky

Hollister Models Anger Koreans During Store Opening

Abercrombie is already experiencing low revenues in the states, closing 71 stores soon and another 180 by February 2013. As if they need more bad press, this definitely will not help them recover their dying brand and unchanged image.

Also, don’t fuck with Koreans, yo.

Relatable Romney meme.

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I had one sip of beer.  I’m not drunk.


I had one sip of beer.  I’m not drunk.

When there’s a party at an asian family household

…all in front of the door.

Asian problems!


So, what’s more annoying than telling someone you’re Viet and them saying, “oh, so is that Asian?”.
You’ve gotta be shitting me!

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Resisting the urge to smack your forehead whenever some girl asks if you straighten your hair everyday.